About Us

Meet The CEO

Mindy-Jean Roberts

She’s 8 years old and is heading to third grade.

She loves drawing, baking and gardening.

She designed the logo herself.

When she grows up she wants to be an art teacher and an ice cream maker.

Her favorite colors today are pink and yellow.

She’s passionate about helping people and with assistance from her mother, Bunny Roberts, that’s what she’s doing with Mindy’s Planet 🌎❤️

Core Values

Our core values are Literacy, Advocacy and Social Equity.

Being literate is a fundamental building block for us to reach success. LITERACY begins with learning to read and then learning to love reading.

It takes a village to raise a child. Some children, unfortunately, don’t have parents or guardians that they can rely on to provide for them or teach them life skills. ADVOCACY for these children is one way the village can help.

Equality is not enough. Giving everyone $5 isn’t fair enough when some children are starting with -300 and others are starting with 70,000. SOCIAL EQUITY is what evens the playing field truly.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To inspire underserved children to invest in creating a successful future for themselves and our community as a whole.

Our Vision: A planet where all children can eat, read and grow into healthy adults.

How You Can Help

You can help us realize our mission by officially joining our village via Patreon !