Mindy’s Planet

Welcome to our Planet !

Inspiring Gem City Youth

We are committed to inspiring underserved children in West Dayton to make their healthcare a priority through food literacy and holistic health classes.

About Mindy & Her World

Our Beliefs

Mindy believes we’ll create a planet full of nutritionally literate and conscious people. We’ll do our part to make this happen by educating the youth on all things food, starting with community gardens and classes. We believe in:

  • Sustainability
  • Social Equity
  • Consciousness
  • & YOU !

How You Can Help

Every dollar you give to Mindy’s Planet helps us improve a child’s quality of life.


Sell something ? We’ll join you in marketing in exchange for part of the profits. It’s a great way to both increase your sales and make a difference.


The best things in life are free. Meet us in person to help us build, teach, inspire, empower and lead !

Current Projects

Community Garden

80% of the gardens in Dayton are completely unmanned. While we wait on the community center, we’re looking to support existing Community Gardens in West Dayton.

In 2020, that garden was the Dakota Center.

Community Center

Your children deserve a safe place to learn and grow. Unfortunately, we know that that place isn’t always school and it isn’t always home either.

We’re raising funds to build our very own Community Center in West Dayton. We’ll be taking you on that journey with us !

Planet News


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Manifest With Manifestos

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Beginner’s Mind

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Become A Volunteer !

We could always use a helping hand. Come make a difference in our community.