Life Lessons In Gardening

We’ve talked about the different skills children can pick up in the garden. There are some great overall life lessons children can learn when gardening as well. We’ve learned lessons about food, patience, and commitment, among other things.  Lessons In Patience Working in the garden teaches children a great deal of patience. Food takes timeContinue reading “Life Lessons In Gardening”

Children And Dieting

Children and Dieting As parents, we just want whatever is best for our kids. When you notice that your child is overweight or shows other negative, diet related signs that they’re unhealthy of course you want to do something about it. Along with exercising more, you may think about putting your kiddo on a diet. ButContinue reading “Children And Dieting”

Parenting Styles

There are four primary types of traditional parenting styles. The styles are based on how supportive and how demanding you are regarding your children. Out of those, keep in mind that psychology says that AUTHORITATIVE parenting is the style that produces the healthiest children.  Supportiveness, or parental responsiveness, is when parents intentionally foster individuality, self-regulation,Continue reading “Parenting Styles”