Mindy & Friends

Mindy-Jean and Maylin at the Greene

Every box purchased means an Emergency Box sent to a family in need. These kits are more than just a fun thing to do with your family. We have a goal to make an impact. The World Is Yours, friends. Thank you for helping us make it better ! If you’re a family in need and would like to receive an Emergency Box, please reach out to us.

Branded Boxes from Mindy & Friends

Each box introduced will be named after someone special to us and covers an important element of childhood development and conscious parenting. For example, our very first initiative had to do with community gardens therefore it’s Mindy’s Box: Indoor Gardening Kit. Our next one features our dear friend Gabriella, where we teach kids how to make simple meals. Hopefully they’re able to use the herbs they grew in the previous kit to cook them !

Look out for new boxes being introduced each month in 2021 !