Children and Mental Health

Mental illness in children can be super hard to identify since the symptoms are often different than they are in adults. However, because of this, the children often go untreated whereas they would have benefited greatly. These children often then go on to grow into adults with severe mental issues, at a point when they’reContinue reading “Children and Mental Health”

Conduct Disorder

One of the reasons children sometimes don’t get the care they need is because they have a condition that their caregiver isn’t knowledgeable about or aware of. Conduct disorder (CD) is one of the conditions that most of us aren’t too familiar with ! What Is Conduct Disorder ? It’s characterized by “callous disregard forContinue reading “Conduct Disorder”

Manifest With Manifestos

We’ve heard of things like manifest destiny and manifestos for certain professions. You may not have, however, heard about a personal manifesto ! Long story short, you need one. Let’s talk about why ! Next week we’ll talk about affirmations and how they play a role. Manifest It To manifest something can mean something differentContinue reading “Manifest With Manifestos”

More On Dieting

We spoke about dieting in a previous blog. The number one thing we learned is that we shouldn’t have children dieting at all. Instead, you want to thrive for the family to all have healthy eating habits. Nutrition is super important no matter the age. Your children need proper nutrients stay healthy and strong andContinue reading “More On Dieting”

Children’s Portion Sizes

Trying to gauge the portion sizes your kids need is like an olympic sport. The doctors and other sources say one thing, your instincts are telling you something but the 100 times your kids ask for food tells you something else ! Hopefully these little tidbits help. The goals is to raise healthy children, whateverContinue reading “Children’s Portion Sizes”