Why Gardening Matters

Research has shown time and time again how important it is for us to make sure we get outside time daily. It’s good for both our bodies and our minds. The question is, however, what should we even be doing while we’re outside ?! One suggestion is GARDENING ! It’s also one of our personalContinue reading “Why Gardening Matters”

How To Make Pizza From Scratch

We eat pizza at least once a week. We love it because it’s delicious and it’s super easy to make. It’s also fairly cheap. So we’re here to teach you how to make one now ! One part of our gardening program is teaching children how to cook. We want you to be able toContinue reading “How To Make Pizza From Scratch”


Composting is using decomposed organic material like leaves, loose grass and produce scraps. Cardboard can be included too ! It provides a lot of important nutrients for plant growth and is often used as fertilizer. Compost improves the soil for your plants because the soil can easily hold the correct amount of moisture, nutrients and air with it.Continue reading “Composting”

4 Amazing Indoor Gardening Tips

In the winter months most of us have our outside gardens closed down and begin to focus on indoor gardening ! So this month we’ll be reintroducing our Indoor Gardening Box and we have 4 awesome tips on how to care for your plant babies ! Indoor Garden Care Not every type of indoor plantContinue reading “4 Amazing Indoor Gardening Tips”

Gardening and Child Development

Gardening helps younger children with their development and provides them with the skills needed to navigate the world efficiently. Gardening helps the kiddos practice locomotor, management, and object control skills as they haul materials back and forth to put the garden together and to water it. They also learn balance and hand-eye coordination. Fine motorContinue reading “Gardening and Child Development”

Life Lessons In Gardening

We’ve talked about the different skills children can pick up in the garden. There are some great overall life lessons children can learn when gardening as well. We’ve learned lessons about food, patience, and commitment, among other things.  Lessons In Patience Working in the garden teaches children a great deal of patience. Food takes timeContinue reading “Life Lessons In Gardening”