Nutrition For Kids

Nutrition can be tricky. So you want your child to eat healthily but you have no idea what EXACTLY that means. We totally get it. Healthy seems fairly relative and there is so much conflicting information on the interwebs. Nutrition In Food Groups Nutrition for kids isn’t very different from nutrition for adults. We allContinue reading “Nutrition For Kids”

Mealtime With Kids

Trying to feed kids can get TRICKY ! They’re often picky and confrontational so it’s easy to find yourself in a power struggle with your toddler or little chicken (what I call children) any time food is involved. Because of this, you may worry that your child will get malnutritioned or even worst, never stopContinue reading “Mealtime With Kids”

Children And Dieting

Children and Dieting As parents, we just want whatever is best for our kids. When you notice that your child is overweight or shows other negative, diet related signs that they’re unhealthy of course you want to do something about it. Along with exercising more, you may think about putting your kiddo on a diet. ButContinue reading “Children And Dieting”

How To Make Pizza From Scratch

Let’s learn to make pizza ! One part of our gardening program is teaching children how to cook ! We want our students to be able to make things with the food they grow. In the indoor gardening kits and the physical garden alike we’ll be growing food that goes great on… PIZZA ! Basil,Continue reading “How To Make Pizza From Scratch”