Mindy & Friends

Mindy-Jean and Maylin at the Greene

OUR PROMISE: $5 is donated from each box purchased. $1.50 goes to The Foodbank, Inc and $1.50 goes to the child associated with the box. Last, but not least, $2 goes towards buying an encourage-mint for a family with their baby in NICU at Miami Valley Hospital. If you’d like to donate instead of purchasing a box, please cashapp us.

Boxes from Mindy & Friends

Each month in 2022 we will introduce a new Box from Mindy & Friends. Stay tuned !

Funds are used to keep us open and working in community gardens. It’s how we fight Dayton’s public health issue of food insecurity. Money is energy. Every box you buy powers change in the city that we call home. Our mission wouldn’t be possible without YOU. Thank you for making a difference, friend.

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