Our Community Garden

Due to operational changes at the Dakota Street Center, that will no longer be the home for our community garden in 2021. We’re so happy that we were able to share the community garden with them for a couple months in 2020 so that we have a better idea of what to expect. Consider it a dry run !

The Journey

Finding a garden to take over this year with covid going on was a huge task and we did our best but every plan and agreement eventually fell through. Many people were rightfully concerned about who would be responsible if a volunteer got sick and they just weren’t willing to take the risk. Other gardens we just found it extremely difficult to get into contact with an owner at all.

As a result we are back to raising money. That way we can purchase our own lot of land and retain full control over the safety of it. We also want programs associated with it. The hope is to be able to get land in West Dayton in time to start the new gardening season off the right way. We can only do so with your help !

For The Love of Dayton

There are a few ways to help us raise the $3000. That’s the total needed to have a full sized, free community garden in West Dayton:

  1. Purchase merch ! We have hoodies and t-shirts for both children and adults as well as onesies and backpacks. Https://MindysPlanet.org/merch

2. Subscribe to our village via Patreon ! There are tiers starting at just $1 a month to pay it forward and give back to the community. Https://Patreon.com/MindysPlanet

3. Occasional fundraisers ! Just like we had the pies from Dayton FlyPies over summer, we will have them in the future along with buckeyes and cheesecake from other local businesses ! The flyer for our current fundraiser is at the bottom of the blog.

4. We are always accepting donations and suggestions for how we can get funding as well ! Https://Cash.app/MindysPlanet

Mindy's Planet Buckeye Fundraiser

What’s Been Going On

We’re so excited to announce that we finally have our first gardening project !! We’ve been working so hard to find an opportunity to open a community garden in West Dayton. For about a year and a half now we hadn’t found anything. As many of you know, at Mindy’s Planets inception, there was also a series of tornadoes. At that time we diverted our attention to relief work instead of continuing to pursue the garden.


After the end of the relief work, the gardening season came to an end also. At the time of this blog the pandemic that hit at the beginning of the season is still in full effect. Due to the social distance and stay at home orders in place, many community gardens were dry. Local offices closed as well. We didn’t exactly know where to go on from there but a few Google searches did give us a good lead.


We ended up finding out there was a log of community gardens in the Dayton Metropolitan Area through the metroparks ! From their website we found addresses to about 60 of them and decided to drive around to each one. 10 community gardens in West Dayton have good headstarts and will be low cost to takeover. We decided to ask for help on Facebook to lease those lots and got an overwhelming response ! We started to reach out to the owners, got 71 volunteers and raised $315 when the stay-at-home order got renewed.

A New Plan

Once the order got renewed a lot of the plans for the garden got canceled because the garden owners didn’t want to end up responsible if any of us got sick by working in one of their gardens. Fortunately, we happened to drive by the Dakota Center and spotted that they had a garden that was not on the list ! We reached out to them and here we are now.

The Dakota Street Center

The Dakota Center’s mission is to provide a safe community atmosphere engaging Dayton neighborhoods and people of all ages in programs that educate the whole person.

The center is currently in its sixth decade of service tracing back to the vision of the Center’s founders, Philip C. Hoelle, S.M., and William Hoben. Along with the garden they have an after school program, a summer camp, and a senior program. They offer the produce from the garden to the community as well as recreation. They are truly a safe haven for the people in the community.

The block the center is on is also a food desert. So, it’s even more important to us that we are able to have our first project in this location.

The New Garden

So now as of August 2020 our first community gardening project will be at the Dakota Center. We have a section of their garden under our wings with the the entire community garden and we share with four other organizations who have the similar missions.

This season will end in a couple short months. October 17th (mark your calendars) will be the Fall Harvest then it’s time to close everything up for the year. Over winter we will do a lot of planning on what our section looks like and on a system to distribute the food we grow.

Indoor Gardening Kits

We also offer Indoor Garden Kits to our underserved students ! The kits are totally free to the kids we give them to. They cost us $20 to assemble. Each kit comes with six small pots, six seed packets, a watering can, plant food and instructions.

We’re excited to share more of what’s going on as our organization is picking up speed ! Be sure to sign up for future blogs so that you don’t miss out !

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Late Monday night, May 27, 2019, an EF4 tornado struck West Dayton, Ohio devastating thousands of homes and businesses.

Mindy’s Planet is raising funding to stabilize as many displaced families as possible. This relief effort will go on as long as necessary.

Please cashapp whatever you can spare to $MindysPlanet

Our current goal is to raise at least $5000 to pay the deposits for at least 10 families to move into permanent housing.

There are several apartment buildings that we are about to work out reduced prices with.