Let’s talk homeschooling ! This was originally written April 2020.

Congrats, You’re A Teacher

Millions of parents across America became official school teachers overnight as the different states started rolling out shutdowns and stay-at-home/stay-in-place orders in March 2020. Myself included in those millions. Some of us took to it naturally, some of us are devastated. Both feelings are valid ! No one on earth was prepared for how things are going right now. At least summer break is right around the corner !

In the meantime here’s a few tips to make your homeschooling endeavors go a wee bit (or a whole heck of a lot) smoother.

First Things First On Homeschooling

First things first, you need to create a daily schedule. The most important thing that school provides for the kiddos is structure. It’s extremely important to keep that going. Include and plan out in advance if you can meals and down time in the school schedule. Here’s an example that Mindy and I used the first few weeks !

Structure and Routine

Secondly, set up a dedicated learning environment. Home is usually what they associate with leisure. To get out of leisure mode and into school mode they usually separate it by getting dressed and leaving the house. Still have them brush their teeth and get dressed per usual and go to the table or a desk to get started ! For some extra sauce, give them a name plate.

Include some passion projects ! Traditional public schools really just focus on the basic of basics; especially if it’s an inner city public school. Then, find out what your child is passionate about and work that into the curriculum for them ! It’ll keep them interested and help them adjust. Because keep in mind, the pandemic has disrupted our lives wildly, but it’s done just the same for them.

Have you learned any awesome homeschool hacks since March ? Were your children homeschooled prior to this ? Share your knowledge with us in the comments !

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