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You and your kid picking books together is such an underrated task. For your child to fall in love with reading and get a head start on excelling in life, they need to know how to pick books they like. At first, maybe they’ll have no idea. Or maybe they don’t even think they like books !

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Mindy’s Journey Reading Books

So I, at one point, maybe a year ago, had over 33k pictures in my phone. I’ve been doing my best to delete at least 100 of them each day so that it’s not so overwhelming to get rid of all the junk and create more space. Well I was doing that very task a few days ago and came across this time a few years ago. Me, Mindy, and our previous bonus family members were making bookmarks for Sunday Funday. On Mindy’s bookmark she wrote ‘I actually hate to read’. I DIED laughing ! She really did not enjoy reading at all in that point in time.

However, no matter what, she was required to read for at least 30 minutes every single day. So we kept trying different kinds of books until he she started slowly finding ones that she DID like. Finally after about a year she found her own niche and now it’s rare to see her without a book in her hand or close by. Here’s a couple tips on teaching your little chicken how to pick different books so that they can learn to read.

Grab Several At A Time

I recommend grabbing at least 4 books. This can certainly add up so it’s a great idea to take a trip to the library while you’re figuring things out. Once your kid knows for sure what kind of books they like, maybe then you can move your trips to the bookstore. Anywho, I suggest you pick 2 and you have your kid pick 2. They don’t really know what sorts of things to look for to pick out different kinds of books. They also may or may not be reading already so you picking two also will help them stay on the correct reading level.

Pick A Category

If you guys really have no idea what kind of books to choose and try, make a game out of it. Eye spy, for example, maybe suggest your child pick one book with yellow on the cover and one book with a Z in the title. Children love making their parents proud. So giving them a task where they can show off their speed and ability will be fun them as well as fulfilling.

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