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We spoke about dieting in a previous blog. The number one thing we learned is that we shouldn’t have children dieting at all. Instead, you want to thrive for the family to all have healthy eating habits. This is actually true for adults also !

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Nutrition is super important no matter the age. Your children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong and to grow up being the best that they can be. Nutrition for children can also help them to establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that they can apply throughout life.

One of the best ways for you to get your child to eat healthy is to choose healthy foods for them. Like you, they just want something delicious. What’s harder for them, they often don’t understand the importance of choosing broccoli over a cupcake.

“Dieting” Food Categories

When it comes to protein, be sure that you choose lean cuts of meat and seafood. If you’re not a meat eater opt for plenty of beans, nuts and seeds. If you’re eating dairy, get low fat milk, cheese and yogurt. Keep in mind that children under age 1 should NOT be drinking cow milk. Until the age of 2, if you do give them dairy, make sure it’s whole milk.

Eat fruits and vegetables every single day, ideally with every meal. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh, canned or frozen. If you’re getting them canned or frozen, make sure you get the ones without added sugar or salt. Make sure your fruits are in 100% juice or water instead of in syrup.

If you’re going for grains, make sure they’re whole. That goes for breads, cereals and pastas; make them high in fiber too ! You should limit or completely abstain from added and refined sugars. The same goes for refined grains. Also beware of sodium, trans and saturated fats and food that’s low in nutrients in general.

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