Nutrition For Kids

Nutrition can be tricky. So you want your child to eat healthily but you have no idea what EXACTLY that means. We totally get it. Healthy seems fairly relative and there is so much conflicting information on the interwebs.

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Nutrition In Food Groups

Nutrition for kids isn’t very different from nutrition for adults. We all really need the same nutrients, our little chickens just need different amounts of it.


Fret not if you’re a herbivore ! Protein doesn’t have to come from meat or animal products. You can load up on protein by consuming beans, peas and a variety of nuts and seeds. If you do eat meat, opt for lean means, poultry, eggs and seafood. Soy products are also an option for protein but Mindy’s doctor said it’s a super no when she was littler. Again, lots of conflicting information is available but you can’t go wrong sticking to anything unprocessed.


Encourage your children to eat a variety of fresh fruit and avoid subbing it for juice. Even 100% fruit juice isn’t really the best because fruit full of sugar without the fiber included from the fruit itself is no better than candy. Fresh squeezed juice made at home is the best option, if you insist on fruit juice, but it must be consumed immediately before it settles and transforms into nothing but sugar. Dried fruits are an option too ! One of our favorite snacks is dried pineapple with cacao nibs and cashews.


Veggies can be fresh, canned, dried or frozen and they’re still all good ! Always opt for fresh when possible. The closer the veggie is to the way it was picked from the ground, the more nutrient packed it is. If you opt for canned be sure to check that sodium on the back. Salt is a preservative but too much of it will affect your child’s blood pressure negatively.

Grains And Dairy

These two categories are super debatable now. I won’t get into conspiracy theories or anything crazy but doctors only promote milk because they always have promoted milk for healthy children. There’s no real nutritional value to unless it’s enriched. But guess what it’s enriched with usually ? Vitamins from plants. So just eat plants. BUT, dairy is definitely super delicious (cheese pizza omg and nachos with queso). Just give it in moderation.

Grains are carbs, always opt for complex carbs like quinoa and wholegrain breads. Refined grains and simple carbs like white pastas, bread and rice actually break down into sugars. Avoiding those is highly recommended !

Portion Sizes Of Nutrition

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