Life Lessons In Gardening

We’ve talked about the different skills children can pick up in the garden. There are some great overall life lessons children can learn when gardening as well. We’ve learned lessons about food, patience, and commitment, among other things. 

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Lessons In Patience

Working in the garden teaches children a great deal of patience. Food takes time to grow ! There isn’t too much that can be done to speed the process up. Children have to learn while doing this that there are things they can’t control. They also learn that their parents are human and don’t have all mighty power. We have to be patient too. This is an important lesson for our little ones to learn and we have to do so intentionally. In this day and age, instant gratification and convenience make it easy to develop an unrealistic view.

Beauty Isn’t Everything

Typically when we go to the grocery store only the shiniest, spotless, most vibrant colored fruits and vegetables are present. Grocers want a perfect presentation, perfect looking food ! When we turn on television we also are constantly intaking messages that we should look perfect too. Eating imperfect produce from our gardens reminds children that the value of anything, including anyone, is more than their appearance.

Trash Is Treasure

Working in the garden creates great opportunities to give lessons in sustainability. We can teach them about recycling materials used to build up and maintain the garden. We can also teach them to upcycle trash to make tools to help tend to the garden. Additionally, instead of throwing away your produce scraps, you can use them to create compost like we recently discussed. This teaches them literally that trash can be treasure !

What other lessons have you and your children learned in the garden ? Let us know in the comments !

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