Transplanting Outside

A lot of love indoor plants but would really prefer to be outside with our babies. Winter months don’t make that possible. One option you have is to take your indoor plants and transplant them outside. When transplanting, however, there are a few things to keep in mind !

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Transplanting Compatibility

Most potted plants will survive in the ground but not all of them and the conditions have to be right ! Keep the package from your seeds or look them up online to see the best combination of sun, soil and water for them. It also helps to keep it in the pot outside for just a few days before putting it in the soil.

Prepare Soil

If you don’t already have a flower bed prepared you’ll want to pick a section and till the soil. It’s good practice to add a little compost to the area too. This will make sure your transplanting allows enough nutrients to reach it while it reroots. Then you’ll want to refer back to the seed package again to see how deep you should make the hole !

Take It Out The Pot

Place one hand around the base and one directly on top of the potted soil. You want to be very careful so that it doesn’t fall apart. If it starts to crumble, the roots could get damaged beyond repair. Be sure that you never just pill the plant out. If it’s been in the pot for a long time the roots may be wrapped around the inside wall of the pot. If this happens, do not just pull it ! Use a toothpick or something similar to tease the roots off of the wall.

Transplanting Time

Now you can place the roots in the hole and gentle cover the hole ! Pat the soil down to eliminate any gaps so that your plant stays sturdy. Be sure to water and care for your plant as normal and recycle your pot if you can.

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